Our concern is the figures that matter to you...    
Bercan Consulting implements Business Intelligence solutions using leading software tools and products.

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Bercan Consulting and Infor presents:

Infor CPM, BI and d/EPM day in Copenhagen on Friday the 18th September 2015.

We have managed to attract an impressive list of presenters – from existing customers, Infor and our own staff. Please take a look at the attached agenda...

Our slogan 'Our concern is the figures that matter to you' is taken seriously.
Before we start an implementation, we always focus on a review of the business need for information. Current IT technology makes it relatively easy to deliver billions of figures, which just a few years ago, would have raised serious concerns about system performance.

Today’s technology is capable of showering users with large amounts of information but this does not lead to the optimal solution. The volume of figures may overload users with complexity. Users may continue to use their own "individually produced" figures, and the “common version of the truth” for everybody in the organisation, will just be seen as an annoying data entry task. Especially if you take a few steps away from the Head office.

At Bercan Consulting, we have fortunately managed to avoid this and other pitfalls on several successful implementations. In these organisations users at all levels are able to quickly retrieve reports on their data, to be used on-screen, printed on paper or for further analysis in individual tools – typically spreadsheets.

On this website you will find additional information on all the factors which makes this possible including:

  • Our Consultants,
  • the Software we use,
  • the Customers who challenged our abilities

Feel free to navigate around and feel even more free to give us a call and ask us some questions. We are happy to answer them, and we are also ready to pay you a complimentary visit for a day, where we might make the first brushes on the canvas showing your way to improved use of your figures.


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