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Infor PM BPA add-in "WEB Feed Control 2.0"


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Web Feed Control 2.0 is an add-in tool to Infor PM 10.X BPA that creates a dynamic environment for consolidations, for both end users and administrators, providing greater flexibility and control.

Web Feed Control 2.0 functionality:

  • Enables end-users to launch a sequence of multiple requests (consolidation, SNY, intercompany process etc.) over the normal WEB front end
  • Includes the dynamic control of any stored procedure, DTS package (SQL 2000), SSIS packages (SQL 2005/8) - including parallel processing and all other processes which can be run from a command line.
  • Splits control of consolidations between the end user and the administrator. This allows the end user to launch different types of requests with Year, Unit, Version, Currency and Exchange Rate Set as selectable dimension members. More complex settings like Schedule, Parameters (E.g. Process Unsubmitted Statements) are controlled by the administrator
  • Respects the security settings in the database, but has an administrator option to override the security settings for each consolidation type
  • Scheduling option


Additional special benefits of Web Feed Control include:

  • All request files are submitted to a database with referential integrity to the Infor PM BPA schema. This resolves the issue where consolidations refuse to run because of name changes in Architect not being updated in the request files on the LAN
  • All consolidations are checked before they run, for any other consolidation already running in the same data slice (defined by Year, Version, Unit, Currency and Rateset). If a consolidation is already running, the user's consolidation is put in a queue, and will only run when that data slice is available. This ensures a higher level of stability for the Application Server, even when several users are launching different consolidations.
  • Control of SSIS packages to perform parallel runs across several instances of Application Server on one or more machines, which in combination with Level Depth consolidation increases performance considerably
  • WEB reports of consolidation setup and consolidation history (e.g. who ran what and when and how much time it took to do it)

Web Feed Control has the additional benefit that no software installation is required. Everything is handled in ASP pages and database objects.

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